Bringing the latest technology

Nordic Geo-Consult (NGC) is a Norwegian company with headquarter in Oslo, Norway. NGC was founded during a tough downturn, with a clear focus to work closely with E&P operators and add a real value by offering non-traditional solutions.

NGC represents several international technology players, providing top notch products along the E&P business cycle. Also, offers a wide range of training and consulting services to oil & gas companies.

NGC offers a group of exclusive top level consultants, with extensive local and international experiences. Our consultants can help at different project phases. Starting from data screening and Geosciences interpretation, Full Field Development Plans, up to international bid rounds screening and application submission.


Seismic QI & Inversion

Lumina was founded in 2010 by Dr. John Castagna, Lumina is a company of highly-skilled G&G professionals with an enviable customer list ranging from independents to Super-majors to NOCs.

Bring power to your fingertips with Lumina QI™, a state-of-the-art software suite for seismic quantitative analysis. Fast, flexible and easy to use, QI™ is designed for today’s asset teams and scales with your needs to handle any size task.

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Sea floor sampling & seismic Multi-client

Sea Floor Sampling is performed as part of the Geo-chemical analysis and Petroleum System Modeling, where the samples are analyzed to build better understanding of the following elements,

  1. Applied Petroleum Technology | APT
  2. Amplified Geochemical Imaging | AGI
  3. Microbial Prospecting for Oil & Gas | MPOG

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Seismic processing software

GLOBE Claritas™ is the established software choice to enhance your seismic processing capabilities. It has been developed for over 20 years to match the needs of the industry every step of the way.